Two Makeup Sponges
Two Makeup Sponges
Two Makeup Sponges
Two Makeup Sponges
Two Makeup Sponges
Two Makeup Sponges

Two Makeup Sponges


Product Description

Two high-performance, professional makeup sponges designed to work perfectly with your custom-made DCYPHER foundation.

  • Always latex-free
  • Choose between soft or hard density
  • Easy to wash
  • Create the perfect airbrush finish

Exchanges If your product isn’t perfect, don’t worry. Simply head to, tell us what’s not quite right, and we’ll mix a new formula just for you.

Returns If you’re really not happy with your product, drop us a line at to let us know. We’ll send you a return label and sort your refund (excluding shipping) as quickly as we can.

We aim to dispatch all orders the day they’re placed, but that’s not always possible in busy periods.

UK shipping: £3.99, free for orders over £48.
EU shipping: £9.00
US shipping: Included in USD price

Delivery times may vary. Most international orders will arrive within 5–10 working days, but that’s not guaranteed.

Most of our shipments are tracked. You can track your order’s status using the link in your confirmation email, or drop us a line at for more information.

All our makeup is mixed to order, allowing us to minimise waste by only making exactly what we need. While other brands have pre-made ranges that sit on shelves waiting to be bought, we blend from scratch every time – meaning less waste in the system and fewer steps in the manufacturing process.

Our cardboard boxes are FSC certified, our bottles are more than 80 percent recyclable by weight, and our ingredients are vegan friendly. We’re committed to doing everything we can to be greener, cleaner and more responsible in every possible way.

Soak your sponge in water and squeeze it out fully to make sure it’s damp (but not wet) before using. Then, dip it in your foundation to get a light coating on the tip, and use a dabbing motion to bounce the sponge all over your face.

To clean your sponges, grab a bowl of warm water and submerge them, before massaging in some antibacterial soap or washing up liquid and rinsing until all the makeup comes out. Finally, squeeze any excess water out and leave them to dry.

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