Our Story


DCYPHER is here to change the world of makeup.

Enabled by technology, our mission is to provide each and every customer with the personalised make-up that they deserve.

No compromise, no inconvenience, just the perfect foundation – every time!

No more living in someone else's shade

What if we told you your search for the perfect foundation was finally over? What if we could mix a foundation to your exact skin tone? What if we could promise you a flawless, custom-made product blended to be the last foundation you’ll ever need?

Maybe you’d pinch yourself – but this is no dream. This is the world of DCYPHER. A world where you use your device to take a fast, accurate measurement of your skin tone, tell us your coverage and finish preferences, and let us do the rest.

Our Story

The DCYPHER story starts with our incredible founders, Adam and Claire. Having worked in cosmetics for years, Adam knew that personalisation often isn’t what it claims to be. Sick of seeing the same formulations rolled out time and time again, he set out to find a better way.

The way forward? Technology. Adam took AI-powered skin tone measurement tools and combined them with complex colour science to create an industry-defining skin tone identification process. Then, he added equipment with the precision to create mixed-to-measure foundations with meticulous accuracy.

So that’s the tech, but where to go from there? That’s where our co-founder, Claire, comes in. Working closely with our customers, Claire connects our tech with the people who buy our products. She listens, tests and learns – building a careful understanding of what makes our audiences tick, and helping us create the formulas that deliver over and above.

Meet the Founders

Dr Claire

Claire is our customer champion, always looking to find ways to improve the foundation industry. Claire has a PhD in cognitive neuroscience and believes that every person should feel great about the way they look.

Drop Claire a line, she's always interested in new ideas or ways we can collaborate.


Adam is responsible for the technology parts of DCYPHER. Everything from formulating new products to developing the machines which make our custom foundations.

Your most likely to find Adam in our development lab surrounded by electronic parts.

This is beauty without compromise, and we’ll always be here for it.

Together, Adam and Claire have created a world where world-first technology and pigment mixing equipment combine to blend your flawless, one-of-a-kind formula – drop by drop. Where your foundation is mixed to measure from scratch, adjusted until you're totally in love with it, and delivered straight to your door.

DCYPHER is here to offer a real alternative to traditional foundations. We’re on a mission to take product personalisation to a whole new level – creating custom-blended products based on the unique characteristics of your skin. And no one else’s.

Our TEchnology

Our patent pending blending machines are how we're able to make every item of makeup to order, to fit your exact beauty code.

It runs on technology that's unique to DCYPHER, making each product one-at-a-time with drop by drop accuracy.

Cutting-edge makeup innovation

We created the DCYPHER Skin Tone Analyser, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help us understand your skin tone and blend foundation to your exact specifications.

Our tried and tested process uses the camera on your device to take three images of your face in natural light. Then, it asks you three questions about your makeup preferences, and combines all that insight to create your perfect formula.

Mixed to measure

Once we’ve assessed your skin tone, we assign a Skin Tone ID – a unique code detailing the exact measurements of your complexion – which we’ll pass straight to the cloud.

Here, our in-house algorithms combine your skin tone measurements and preferences to create a formula full of carefully selected ingredients and pigments. When we’re done, we’ll deliver it to our pioneering, purpose-built blending machines.

These revolutionary machines are patent-pending, and can deliver highly precise measurements of each ingredient. They’re also what give us the power to create foundation to your precise skin tone measurements from scratch – every time.

The result? Bespoke foundations and pigments that don’t just match with your skin, but are made for it, drop by drop.

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