Is There Room for Make-up After Lockdown?

Is There Room for Make-up After Lockdown?

A quick look around TikTok, Instagram or even the local supermarket aisles is enough to find many people embracing the bare-faced natural look during the lockdown period. 
Comfortable tracksuit bottoms, greying roots and faces completely bare of adornment are everywhere as people take a more relaxed attitude about their appearance. There’s no doubt that many of us are re-evaluating our ideas on make-up and hairstyling throughout this lockdown period, but lockdown will end at some point. What happens then?

Embracing the Natural Look?

Getting used to a less-made up appearance can change our perspectives on embracing our natural look, and while the minimal makeup look is great, and many are determined to keep it after lockdown, some of us may feel that, despite toning down our makeup we’d like at least a little coverage to allow us to highlight our best features. 

As we ease out of the lockdown and begin to venture back into the workplace and into social situations, wearing make-up and especially foundation will again become part of our beauty routine. But putting on foundation again after several months without it may come as a shock. You might find you need a different colour or coverage because you may have spent more time in the garden getting a tan, or more time indoors binge-watching and eating chocolate – or, because you may have been wearing the wrong shade all along!

Time for Something New

Like lots of people, you may be re-thinking, post-pandemic, what you consider as essential beauty needs. Do you really need a drawer full of different foundations, powders, creams and colours, all of which probably aren’t you anymore? You could experiment with one of the great tinted moisturisers available, or you may be excited to try a more made-up look to wow those who haven’t seen you for months! And, if you’ve been thinking about the essentials, you may also be re-evaluating the quality of the makeup you wear. If, while you’ve been in this period of reflection, you’ve realised the foundation you’re wearing didn’t offer you just what you need in terms of coverage or colour, you might now be thinking you deserve a foundation in a natural, true shade that flatters and enhances the real you. This could be a great time to look at what a custom-made foundation can do for you.

We genuinely believe that post-COVID-19, many will question why they have stuck with a particular brand for so long. There is so much out there that is new, exciting and more importantly, better suited for your skin. Continuous research and development into the science behind cosmetics has brought about huge innovation in both the technology used to create the products you use on your skin and how to get the right colour match for your unique skin tone. DCYPHER has embraced this technology in order to bring you bespoke foundation created just for you.

A New World Order in Cosmetics

It’s no exaggeration to say that things are moving fast; every person will come out of lockdown with a greater understanding of what is important – and what isn’t for them as an individual. For the mass less will become more and quality will be valued over quantity. 

DCYPHER blends a bespoke, made-to-order foundation with millions of shade, finish and coverage options and delivers it to your door in recyclable, or      reusable packaging. Why not choose quality over quantity and continue to embrace the real you with DCYPHER.