Our New & Improved Foundation Formula

Our New & Improved Foundation Formula
Beauty influencer, Hayley @milkandhonie tells you all about the new and improved My Custom Foundation formula.
Reformulated to include hyaluronic acid and other benefits  which significantly improve coverage and longevity, ensuring a flawless and radiant finish you'll love, for longer.
Hayley used our world first mixed to measure technology to create a custom foundation to fit her unique skin tone. Hayley chose a medium coverage with a natural finish. 

You can watch Hayley's full video below 

Video transcript

Get ready with me using the new DCYPHER My Custom Foundation formula.

DCYPHER uses AI technology to create a unique foundation recipe custom mixed to fit your exact skin tone.

It's your perfect skin in a bottle. The new reformulated My Custom Foundation includes hyaluronic acid glycerin, natural extracts and emollients.

Let's also not forget that this formula is vegan, cruelty free, paraben free and fragrance free.

The inclusion of hyaluronic acid and glycerin to the formula means that it provides long lasting moisturisation to your skin.

They work together to keep your skin hydrated for longer by retaining moisture and drawing it further and deeper into the layers of skin.

The new formula also has natural extracts which have protective properties against environmental factors and moisture retention.

These natural extracts also create a temporary and invisible breathable layer, offering a longer lasting coverage.

The inclusion of carefully selected emollients within the formula help Contribute to a more comfortable wear and even longer lasting coverage.

These emollients also have a role in enhancing the skin barrier, retaining moisture, and also leaving your skin looking silky smooth.

The My Custom foundation continues to use AI technology to create your custom foundation to fit your skin tone.

This means you can also choose your exact coverage and finish that you'd like.

It has created the perfect base for the rest of my makeup.

Let's appreciate how glowy and hydrated my skin is looking.

It looks absolutely flawless.

This is the new and improved perfect skin in a bottle.

You can discover more information about this new formula at

For the perfect base every single time.

And that's my get ready with me using the new DCYPHER Custom Foundation formula.