Prepping mature skin for the perfect Foundation base

Prepping mature skin for the perfect Foundation base

Professional make-up artist, Kate Hughes (@katehughesmakeupteaches us her tips on how to prep mature skin for the perfect foundation application using our iconic Custom Foundation.

You can watch Kate's top tips below:

Video transcript

Here are my tips for prepping mature skin before using DCYPHER's custom foundation to achieve the perfect base.

DCYPHER uses AI technology to create a unique foundation recipe and is mixed to your exact skin tone.

It's your perfect skin in a bottle.

You can also choose your preferred finish and coverage to create a truly personalised product that's truly unique to you.

Among the many things that I love about DCYPHER, it's vegan it's cruelty-free and it's fragrance-free.

So, I've got a little older and a little bit more mature, my skin's got a lot drier and a lot more sensitive. So prep for me is everything now.

DCYPHER contains glycerine which is great for hydration. It's vital to get the correct colour match for that fresh bright, glowy skin.

Now I'm asked all the time how I get the Perfect Match Foundation, it's so tricky, and even if you go into a store it's really difficult to get that perfect match.

Because it's [DCYPHER] mixed to your exact skin tone, you can be sure of perfect results. Let me show you how.

Now one thing for me is exfoliation. Non-negotiable, because exfoliation sloughs off all that dead skin and reveals that brighter fresher skin underneath.

So after you've applied your oil or your serum it's important to apply a rich moisturiser that maybe contains peptides, hyaluronic acid, all those lovely things that really moisturise the skin ready for your base.

And if your skin's really dry you could add a primer.

I start by applying a little product on the back of my hand and with my DCYPHER brush I'm going to start to layer the foundation onto my skin. It's also buildable if you want a heavier coverage you just have to build it up. Such a fresh glowy base.

Because of DCYPHER's AI technology you can be sure of the perfect colour match, time after time.

Then finishing off with a little mascara blush and lip gloss for that perfect daytime look, with simple skincare prep and of course DCYPHER's perfect match foundation.

My skin feels so fresh, so glowy, so hydrated creating that perfect foundation base is so easy using DCYPHER, of course.

With flawless skin guaranteed.