Our top three foundation testing tips

Our top three foundation testing tips

Unlike other makeup, foundation is at its best when it’s invisible. The right product should act like a seamless second skin – evening out your complexion without cakiness, patchiness or clashes.

But it’s not always that easy. We talk a lot about what to look out for on the hunt for the right foundation shade, but how do you check your product is perfect once you’ve picked it? Read on to discover our top tips for making sure your foundation is the best possible shade for your unique skin tone.


Tip 1 - swatch your foundation from your jawline to your neck

Tip 1: Swatch it up 

Think you’ve got a perfect match? Start the testing process by applying a small amount in a streak that runs from your jawline to your neck. The skin on your neck gets less sun than your face, so testing for a colour match here is crucial in avoiding that dreaded tideline.

Ideally, your swatch of foundation should ‘disappear’ into the skin as it dries. If you’re happy with the initial jawline test, why not try the product on other areas of your face too? Applying more to your cheeks and forehead can help make sure it’s an all-over fit – but don’t underestimate the importance of the neck match! If it’s too dark for the skin there, chances are it won’t look great when applied all over your face.


Tip 2: Give your foundation enough time to check that the match is right

Tip 2: Give it some time

We’ve all been there. The foundation that looked great when you first applied it has magically changed colour, and now the shade looks too dark or washed out on your skin. But this phenomenon isn’t magic – it’s science. Most foundations will oxidise as they dry, causing the pigments to change colour very subtly.

Your personal pH and chemistry can play a part here too, with different skin types and textures causing products to alter in different ways. All this is to say that giving your foundation a few hours – better yet, wearing it all day – is the best way to make sure it’s seamless. If it still looks flawless at the end of the day (or night), it’s probably the one for you.


Tip 3: check your match in natural day light

Tip 3: Step into the (natural) light

The right lighting can make a world of difference to your look, so take time to make sure your skin looks natural wherever you are. First, go outside and check your match in the sunlight. We recommend doing it in the middle of the day to see the truest pigments in the most neutral daylight – not too much glare, and no duskiness either.

It’s also worth taking a selfie while wearing your new foundation. Some products look lighter under the lens than others, so a quick snap can be the secret to making sure yours is the perfect fit for your skin tone.


DCYPHER perfect match foundation

The DCYPHER Difference

Here at DCYPHER, we do foundation differently. Instead of matching your complexion with the closest pre-existing shade, we custom-blend every bottle based on a comprehensive analysis of your skin tone. The result? You receive a foundation that fits perfectly with your skin – no need to test multiple products in store, spend time and money on a trial and error process, or risk getting stuck with the wrong shade.

And the best part? If, after testing your DCYPHER foundation, you need an adjustment to make it perfect, we’ll sort it at no extra cost. It’s all about giving you the flawless, natural glow you deserve, day after night after day.