A Flawless Foundation Look Is Easier Than You Think…

A Flawless Foundation Look Is Easier Than You Think…

Yes, a perfect foundation look is achievable, and it is a lot less difficult than it seems. We all have those days where our make-up just doesn’t seem to be cooperating. It might not blend in the right way, or you might have a breakout that means it’s difficult to hide blemishes and spots. Nobody’s skin is going to be perfect all of the time.  

But, here at DCYPHER, we can offer our expert tips on how to make sure your foundation looks the best it can be. Follow these tips, and you too can achieve a pristine foundation finish that will look fantastic, every single time.

Prep your skin

Before you apply your foundation, it is essential that you prepare your skin thoroughly. Every time you use foundation, you should cleanse your skin and, use a residue-free moisturiser that suits your specific skin-type (and any serums if these are part of your routine). This will ensure that you won’t be trapping any dirt beneath your foundation and that your skin will be fully hydrated and ready for the day.  You should also use a good smoothing primer to give a pristine base on which to apply your foundation and concealer. Working out the best primer for you will depend on your skin’s specific needs and the finish you require so you may need to do a bit of research here. 

The perfect application

Once your skin is prepped and ready, it’s time to apply. While foundation can be applied using your fingers, in our opinion we see more even results when using a brush or a beauty sponge, plus it is easier to move the product around your skin You often don’t need much; start with a thin covering and then build it up if you need to. DCYPHER foundation has a generous coverage therefore you may find that you do not need a seperate concealer.  Our foundation is flexible therefore for days when you want a lighter coverage you can blend the foundation in with your moisturiser or you could add our pigment drops (coming soon) to up the coverage for days when you need that little bit more. . 

When applying foundation with a brush or a sponge, make sure to use a stippling action (lightly tapping it against the face) rather than rubbing it or wiping it, as this can make it look streaky. 

As DCYPHER offers such a fantastic colour match, you will find you don’t need to use foundation all over your face if certain areas, like your forehead, don’t need coverage. Our technologically advanced foundation matching service means that it would not be noticeable if you don’t apply it to every area of your face. In addition to this, there is no longer a need to blend your foundation right down your neck, as the colour match ensures that visible foundation lines are a thing of the past. 

The big finish

Once your foundation is on you may want to set it to give it a completely flawless finish.  You can do this by using a pressed or loose powder - take care to choose a translucent one or one that matches your skintone to ensure you maintain that natural look. Depending on your skin type you may want to tailor the areas where you apply powder ie more powder in oilier areas.  To give your foundation the best staying power you may also want to apply a setting spray, which one you choose will again depend on your skin type and the finish you are trying to achieve.  

Other top application tips

  • Make sure to keep your brushes and sponges clean – they can spread bacteria onto your face if you don’t regularly wash them, you don’t want to be spreading last week’s product round your face!

  • Always apply foundation AFTER your eye make-up, the last thing you want is to be picking glitter off your flawless finish!

Following the tips above and using our match perfect, true to you, DCYPHER foundation can help to ensure your face looks fabulous all the time.