Learn how to make your makeup last all day

Learn how to make your makeup last all day

Celebrity pro makeup artist, Kate Hughes (@katehughesmakeupteaches us how to make make up last all day.

 You can watch Kate's top tips below:

Video transcript

Here are my tips for applying foundation and making it last all day.

DCYPHER uses AI technology to create a unique foundation and concealer recipe that's mixed your exact skin tone.

This is your perfect skin in a bottle.

Great skincare is vital for making your makeup last all day.

Great makeup starts with great skin.

And then primer. Providing a great canvas to stop your makeup from slipping and smudging

And then of course DCYPHER complexion brush set. Using quality makeup brushes, are key when applying foundation and concealer, to making it last all day. And DCYPHER's brushes are really great quality and so easy to use.

And this is my custom foundation and it's really important to layer the product to make it last all day.

Let me show you how. Starting with a couple of drops, apply all over the skin, and another couple of drops, layered over your first initial coat, making sure to blend really well.

DCYPHER's Custom Foundation is the world's first mixed-measure cosmetic.

AI algorithms create a custom skin tone recipe, to create your perfect skin in a bottle.

And you can select your preferred coverage and finish.

To create a truly personalised product that's completely unique to you.

It's so lightweight and breathable and what I also love is that it contains glycerine - great for hydration. 

It's vegan, cruelty-free and fragrance-free.

We've evened out our skin tone with the foundation, now onto the concealer.

Again so important to layer that product, it really does help, to keep the makeup on all day.

And then some loose powder to lock it in a little bit more.

I mean everything's gone, no redness, no pigmentation, no dark circles. DCYPHER's foundation and concealer match your skin tone perfectly!

And then finishing off with setting spray, to keep that makeup lasting all day.

I mean it's just a perfect match, and I can be guaranteed of a perfect finish, and colour match every time I apply my makeup.

So easy to use, and such a lovely fresh, natural finish, and really it's my skin but better. 

So, there's no more worries with colour matching your foundation and your concealer, perfect for those no makeup, makeup days, it's just so easy.

With a few simple tips your makeup can last all day!