How to minimise the appearance of your pores

How to minimise the appearance of your pores

Beauty and wellness editor Madeleine Spencer, @madeleinelovesthis joins us to explain how to use My Custom Foundation to minimise the appearance of your pores. 

Madeleine used our world-first, Mixed to Measure technology to create a Custom Foundation to fit her unique skin tone. 

She opted for a medium-coverage foundation with a natural finish. 

You can watch Madeleine's top tips below:

Video transcript

Hello I'm Journalist and Broadcaster Madeline Spencer and I'm going to show you how to minimise the appearance of your pores using DCYPHER's customisable foundation.

DCYPHER uses AI technology to create a unique foundation recipe custom mixed to fit your exact skin tone.

It's your perfect skin in a bottle.

So lots of the challenges over the appearance of having bigger pores is to do with how you apply your base and what your skin finish is like.

So the tricks to sorting that really come down to choosing well and having a foundation that's the right fit for you.

This is where the DCYPHER comes in so handy because the AI tech means that you get the right colour every time it reads your skin colour through the screen and then makes sure that your foundation is the exact right colour for you.

And then you can customise how much hydration you have and how much coverage, meaning that you use the exact right amount of foundation each time and you can customise all elements of your base so that you can choose where you're putting it choose how much is going on and make sure that your pores look as minimised as possible.

This is so key because it means you can customise exactly how your foundation is going to act on your skin

Meaning you can really think about what you need from your foundation, so for example if your pores are very evident in this area where mine are it's usually because you're slightly on the oily side.

That doesn't mean you don't need hydration and DCYPHER's foundation actually contains glycerine to keep you hydrated whatever your skin type.

But it means that you need perhaps a little bit more coverage and need to pull back on how much you're using.

Now I'm going to run you through the process and give you a few tips.

So the first thing is to put a primer where you need it to go. So I have this hydrating primer and I'm just going to make sure that my cheeks are really nicely covered in it, just so that everything glides really well.

I've already got my SPF on underneath as well.

Now it's time for the brilliant foundation this has been colour matched my exact skin tone

So I'm going to apply this with the brush and I'm just going to really buff it in everywhere all over my skin making sure I've got a very fine layer everywhere before I go back in and cover areas that need a little bit more.

Now this bit is key, the brush is fantastic as a tool for this but however you apply it just make sure it's really massaged into your skin so you don't have it sitting across those pores, you want it to be completely seamless.

Not only is this foundation matched to my exact skin tone but it's also cruelty free, vegan, fragrance free, and non-comedogenic, so it's really fantastic if you want your skin to behave very well underneath the foundation as well.

One of my favourite things about customisable foundation is that you don't need to put it absolutely everywhere so I'm going back in and using this around my nose a little bit more as a concealer almost

I could also by the way use the Custom Concealer which is brilliant but I'm just putting more foundation where it needs to go and then leaving other bits more bare and I can just completely choose to do that because it's the perfect match.

In the area where I have more pores I just want to make sure that I'm really massaging that in.

But also making sure it's a fine layer so it's absolutely everywhere but finely applied so it's not going to swim around during the day.

This final steps really important if you want to make your pores appear minimised and it is powder,

So I'm just gonna take a little bit where it's pronounced so around here and then a little bit on my chin too.

To finish off I'm also going to add just a little bit through the centre of my face where I tend to get shiny.

So the key things are to prep your skin properly to really massage in the product to make sure it's sitting evenly across those pores and then finish with powder.

So there's my face with minimised pores using DCYPHER's custom foundation.