How to apply Custom Coverage Drops

How to apply Custom Coverage Drops

Beauty and wellness editor Madeleine Spencer, @madeleinelovesthis joins us again to explain how to use our Custom Coverage Drops.

My Custom Drops are custom mixed to fit your exact skin tone allowing your natural beauty to shine through.

 Watch Madeleine's tips below: 

Video transcript

Hello, I'm journalist and broadcaster Madeleine Spencer and I’m going to show you DCYPHER's Customisable Coverage Drops in action.

I'm going to be mixing them into my moisturiser and I'm adding 4 to 5 drops for a medium wash of coverage. Now I'm buffing the mix on with the buffing brush, all over my face so I get a nice wash everywhere.

The beauty of these drops is that you can choose completely how you want to wear them, you can mix them into a serum, or a moisturiser, or even highlighter if you want a bit more bounce and light behind your skin.

The rule of thumb is that more drops mean more coverage and fewer drops mean less coverage. If you have any little problem areas like I do just under my eyes, a little bit around my chin, you could go in with more drops for the foundation or you could go in with a custom concealer.

I'm going to use the concealer and I'm taking a little bit on my hand and applying it with the Little Buffing Concealer Brush. What's great about using all the DCYPHER products together, is you don't need to worry at all, about there being any lines or anything like that, because all the colours match and they were custom-made for your skin tone, this means that I can use custom drops and the concealer and foundation exactly how I want to.

So there we have it my perfect base using DCYPHER's customisable coverage drops.