How to achieve a glowing base with Custom Cosmetics

How to achieve a glowing base with Custom Cosmetics

Beauty influencer, Elise @Lumi-Lise uses our world-first My Custom Concealer with our iconic My Custom Foundation to create the perfect glowing base!

 You can watch Elise's full video on "How to achieve the perfect glowing base" here: 

Video transcript

I love a dewy, glowy base for my makeup look, and I'm going to show you how I go from this, to this.

I'm starting off with DCYPHER's Custom Foundation this is mixed to measure, so it will suit your skin tone. No foundation that they create is the same because it is mixed to your specific skin type.

DCYPHER's AI skin tone scanner captures your unique skin tone, to create the perfect foundation tone for you.

See how that just blends seamlessly into my skin and I haven't even done my neck yet, but there's not a huge difference, it just gives a really nice kind of your skin but better look which is why I personally love this foundation.

And now I want to brighten especially the under eyes, because she's looking a little bit tired, so I'm going to use My Custom Concealer, and just one to three dots under the eyes.

I also like to do it here in the centre of the forehead anywhere that needs kind of brightening. And then I actually don't mind doing some here [cheeks] too, almost like a highlighter.

This brightening concealer is so impressive, I love that it doesn't leave a white cast under my eyes, as again it is mixed to perfection with DCYPHER's AI technology.

And I'm done, I actually just added mascara did my brows a little bit and lipstick, because I didn't want to take away from this glowy dewiness that I've got going on, I love it just look how elevated my skin looks, it's just made it lookso much more alive, and dewy and glowy, which is just how I like it!