Foundation Application for Oily Skin

Foundation Application for Oily Skin

Beauty influencer, Elise @Lumi-Lise shares why My Custom Foundation is the perfect partner for her oily / combination skin.

You can watch Elise's full video on "Applying foundation to oily skin" here:

Video transcript

I have oily combination skin and up until recently I've always been a little bit nervous to wear makeup, because it tends to usually break me out. But I have found that with DCYPHER Custom Foundation my skin looks glowy and hydrated but doesn't ever break me out.

The DCYPHER Custom Foundation is a revolutionary product. This Foundation is mixed to measure, to create the perfect foundation for my skin tone using their AI tool.

What I also love about it is that it is buildable yet lightweight and breathable. And I love that it includes glycerin so it hydrates the skin without making it greasy and blocking the pores so it is non-comedogenic.

The AI skin tone scanner that DCYPHER use to create their Custom Foundation is perfect at creating the most amazing Custom Foundation recipe for your skin.

What I love about this Foundation is that it's buildable yet lightweight. The inclusion of Glycerin is genius for hydration, especially for those with oily combination skin, it doesn't add excess oil.

You can also choose your preferred coverage and finish. I love this about the foundation, because I personally love a dewy finish with a light coverage. And for me that finish is quite hard to come by.

This is just one small pump of foundation all over my skin and it has already added coverage, it’s brightened up my skin, I look a lot more healthier, hydrated and glowy.

And that is it, I'm actually all done. I literally just did my brows, did some mascara and I didn't actually apply any highlight because I love the natural sort of dewy glow that my skin has from the foundation. I'm just going to finish with a bit more powder just in the areas where I know I will develop some sort of shine throughout the day so I'm just going to do the corners of my nose, a little bit down here on my chin and done.