Find The Right Foundation, No Matter What Season

Find The Right Foundation, No Matter What Season

All too often, make-up users and artists alike have a stressful time looking for the right foundation. There are, after all, so many things we require from a foundation. We need it to be easily applied, match our skintone, ,work with our skin type and give a coverage and finish that is ideal for the occasion.  Here at DCYPHER, we have been using new advancements in technology to enable you to create  a unique and bespoke foundation to perfectly fit your needs, making your foundation shopping experience a lot easier. We understand that everybody’s skin is different, and everyone has different needs and we want to help to make your foundation buying experience as stress-free and as straightforward as possible.  But what is it that makes it so hard to choose a foundation? And how do you achieve the perfect foundation look for every season?

Changing Seasons

When we move into summer months and as the seasons change, so does your skin tone. Unfortunately, this also means that your usual foundation may no longer match your skin tone, and nobody wants to have a face that’s far lighter than that lightly, and carefully tanned skin. Many of us have faced the problem of trying to match our usual foundation to our tanned face when on holiday, and there’s really only so much that layers of bronzer will do to correct the problem.

This is because there is more UV light emitted in the summer. UV rays can change the pigmentation of your skin and intensify your skin colour considerably. Melanin is a natural chemical in the skin that absorbs UV rays to protect your skin from being damaged by the sun, and the reaction of the melanin with the UV rays is what causes you to tan. In addition to this the sun’s warmth stimulates increased bloodflow to your skin which further intensifies the colour. 

In the cooler months, especially in the UK, we see fewer UV rays. This means the intensity of your colouring could drop considerably due to the fact that you no longer need large amounts of melanin to protect your skin, and this makes you look paler. This also means that your foundation may look a lot more intense  than your natural shade, especially if you have bought a shade specifically to match your holiday tan. Your skin can also become dryer in the winter, due to the lack of moisture in the air when it's colder, meaning you might need an appropriate foundation that locks in more moisture than you needed in the summer. On top of this, you may have different needs at different points in the day, for work or evening events. It’s almost impossible to find a foundation to fit what you need for changing seasons and different occasions, and the stress of shopping around for another foundation to match your changing skin tone can be stressful, especially if you aren’t sure how long it will be before it changes again. 

That’s why DCYPHER have got you covered

DCYPHER helps to make the process of buying foundation simpler, eliminating the need for an expensive and time consuming trial and error approach. We can offer a more natural coverage for work during the day, and a fuller matte finish for a night out with the girls. We can offer a darker custom-build foundation shade to match those gorgeous summer tans, and a lighter shade for when your skin turns paler in the colder season. And of course we cater for everyone at all ends of the colour spectrum. For a foundation for all of your daily and seasonal needs, DCYPHER are here to help – after all, there’s enough stress in everyday life – why let your foundation cause you more?