Under the skin of foundation: the best ingredients for your complexion

Under the skin of foundation:  the best ingredients for your complexion

We all know foundation can work wonders for your skin, but exactly how it does what it does can seem shrouded in mystery. Today’s foundations contain a whole host of ingredients, each with a different role in balancing and caring for your skin.

With long lists of hard-to-pronounce names on the back of bottles – plus plenty of conflicting information about what does what and why you should or shouldn’t choose it – selecting the right product can get a little complicated. Luckily for you, we’re here to make it simple. Let’s explore the key components of foundation, and the benefits they could have for you and your lovely skin.


The science of silicone

Liquid foundations - the type we custom-blend here at DCYPHER - are best for achieving a seamless, natural finish. Our formulas are silicone-based as silicone gives your skin a super-smooth feeling, allowing the product to glide effortlessly onto your complexion for an even finish.  

You might have heard common myths that silicones can suffocate skin or exacerbate acne – but there’s no scientific evidence that this is the case. Contrary to what you might have read, the large molecules that make up silicone are actually perfect for letting other active ingredients do their thing – and lets your skin breathe easily.


Find the perfect finish

Finding the perfect finish from matte to natural to radiant

A key function of many foundation ingredients is to give your skin a certain type of finish – and there are different ones to look out for whether you’re aiming for a matte, natural or radiant look.

Our matte foundation contains an ingredient that slightly mutes the formula, reducing its reflectance once dried and absorbing excess oil and moisture to leave you with a shine-free look.

If you’re looking for a more luminous finish, choose radiant during the customisation process for a foundation that gives your skin a sought-after glow. These formulas contain emollients and mineral-based optical enhancers for a brilliantly brillant look.

Whatever finish you’re looking for, DCYPHER’s high-tech analysis and custom-mixing process is perfect for creating a foundation unique to your skin tone and preferences. After determining your exact skin tone by scanning photos of your complexion, you’ll have the option to choose your skin type, desired finish and preferred coverage. Then, we’ll take that information and use it to blend the perfect formula for you – drop-by-drop, from scratch, every time.


The art of skincare

Another core role of your foundation’s ingredients is to deliver the optimum skincare for your complexion needs. Here at DCYPHER, we use glycerin, a natural, plant-derived moisturiser to make sure our products keep your skin hydrated and refreshed. The best thing about glycerin is that it binds water and helps to lock it in the upper layers of your skin all day long.

Sun protection is also a crucial part of any good skincare routine – but not something you should be relying on your makeup to provide. While foundations that contain SPF can offer great benefits, make sure they’re not your only sun protection source. You should be using a separate sunscreen of least SPF 30 every day, and applying it liberally too.

While we use plenty of ingredients to keep your skin healthy and your complexion glowing, one thing we’ll never use here at DCYPHER is fragrance. All our makeup is fragrance-free, meaning it’s kinder on the skin and less likely to cause dryness, redness, imperfections and spots. It’s all about giving your skin the best possible chance of thriving – whether you’re wearing makeup or not.

Check out the DCYPHER Skin Tone Analyser now to start your flawless foundation journey!