Our top 5 tips for applying flawless foundation

Our top 5 tips for applying flawless foundation

Making your foundation look flawless can be a tricky one. From covering blemishes convincingly to achieving that all-over glow, there are plenty of challenges to overcome in getting the faultless look nailed. But not to fear. We’ve put together our top advice for applying your foundation flawlessly – every time. Read on to discover how.

Find the perfect skin tone match

You’re never going to get a flawless foundation look if you haven’t got a product that’s a perfect match for your complexion. With DCYPHER, you can leave the stress of choosing the right shade behind, and let our world-first tech do the work. First, our Skin Tone Analyser will capture three photos of your face in natural light, then we’ll ask you three questions about your makeup preferences. From there, our cutting-edge equipment will mix a foundation to your exact skin measurements.

Prep your skin for flawless foundation

The perfect application starts with a well-prepped base. Begin by cleansing your face carefully, using a gentle cleanser followed by an exfoliator to prevent any flakiness. Use your normal moisturiser to make sure your skin is hydrated before you start applying foundation, and make sure it’s completely absorbed before going any further.

Ideally, your skincare routine should involve applying an SPF of at least 25. That’s enough to lower your melanoma risk by 50%, as well as preventing the signs of premature skin ageing, such as wrinkles, spots and sagging.

Got more time on your hands? You could even start the process with a hydrating face mask to give your skin an extra treat!

Don’t forget to prime

Wondering why your foundation doesn’t look flawless? If you’re skipping the primer, you might have just found your solution. Priming your skin is a key part of getting the perfect base for your look. Choose something lightweight and oil-free for a clean finish, and remember – investing in a good primer will help you use only the foundation you really need, which means your bottle will last even longer.

Less is more

It’s a myth that foundation should be applied all over your face. Of course, you can do that if it’s the look you prefer, but if it’s the only way you can make your product look flawless, chances are you’re using the wrong shade. To get that flawless look more naturally, start in the middle of your face, dabbing some product on the apples of your cheeks, your forehead and your chin first. From there, you can work on any other areas that might need attention – just be sure to keep checking your full complexion in natural light to make sure your foundation stays flawless.

Buff it up for a flawless foundation finish

To get that faultless look, don’t use painting motions when applying your foundation. Instead, use a brush to gently buff the product onto your face, blending the edges outwards towards your hairline, jawline and chin. It’s all about avoiding streaks and making your foundation look flawlessly blended – just like a second skin.

And that’s it! Your flawless foundation application is complete. If you want to go one step further, you could touch up any stubborn blemishes with a good quality concealer, or use a setting powder to make sure your look stays put.

Bonus tip!

Why not try some of DCYPHER’s expertly mixed Custom Coverage Drops to add an extra level of flawlessness to your foundation base? They’re mixed to measure, just like our foundation, and designed to give your complexion the boost it needs on the journey to perfection. For best results, mix a few with your foundation to boost your coverage – or add some to your moisturiser to give it a subtle tint.

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