Is one foundation enough?

Is one foundation enough?

We talk a lot about the importance of finding a foundation that fits your skin tone perfectly. As one of the most crucial tools in your makeup kit, your foundation is a fundamental element of your final look – helping to create a flawless base for the other products you love.

But is one foundation really enough? With lots of information and opinions out there about whether your makeup bag should be home to multiple base layer products, we decided to explore whether there really are benefits to buying more than one shade.

Changes in skin tone

Lady with DCYPHER Foundation and Buffer Brush

First up, we all know that our skin doesn’t stay the same shade all year round. Whether your complexion is fair or dark, chances are you’ll notice some seasonal variation in its tone, with skin becoming darker and more vibrant in the summer months and less pigmented during winter.

This natural phenomenon can make having a summer and a winter foundation a smart choice. With your two shades ready and waiting, you’ll be able to cater for every possible subtle change in your skin colour during the year. It’s worth noting that while your overall skin tone might vary, your undertone never changes – so two mildly different colours should be more than enough to keep you covered.

 Here at DCYPHER, we use advanced tech to analyse your complexion, establish your exact skin tone and custom-blend a foundation to fit flawlessly. If you’re finding your skin changes significantly during the year, why not use our Skin Tone Analyser once in the summer and once in the winter? You’ll get two subtly different shades, which between them will cover every subtle shade of your all-year-round complexion. And no need to worry about keeping track of multiple shades – we keep all your Skin Tone IDs (the unique codes provided each time you use our Skin Tone Analyser) stored on your online account, so there’s no need to scan every time you reorder.

Foundation for skin variation

Line of foundaiton bottles in different skin tones

Seasonal changes don’t stop at differences in shades. Lots of people notice skin becoming drier in the winter months or more prone to oil and sweat during summer. It’s another situation when having two foundations can be useful.

You might opt for a lightweight, sheer foundation for a more natural finish when it’s warmer, and another that’s fuller, with moisturising ingredients to help keep your skin hydrated when the weather is less fair. The same rule applies for daytime and evening looks – you might want a more airbrushed look for a big night out, but want to stick with a dewier finish for your day to day.

Because DCYPHER mixes every bottle of foundation based on your skin tone, type and finish and coverage preferences, our process gives you the freedom to create a formula that’s perfect for you. So if you need more than one type of foundation to keep you going all year long, look no further.