How to get the perfect foundation finish (and make it last)

How to get the perfect foundation finish (and make it last)

Applying foundation and achieving the perfect finish might be technical, but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard. The question is, which finish is the right one for you, and once you’ve nailed it, how do you make sure it doesn’t slide off in a matter of minutes? Read on to discover our top tips on selecting the perfect finish for you – and keeping it.

Get the prep right

Getting a flawless finish starts long before you open the bottle of product. Begin by washing your skin using a mild cleanser and lukewarm water. We recommend exfoliating two or three times a week to remove excess skin and dirt too.

After cleansing, apply a gentle toner to seal your pores and a thin layer of moisturising cream to keep your skin hydrated. We’d select a hydrating moisturiser, as these can help plump out wrinkles and stop new ones setting in.

Once that’s absorbed, it’s time for primer. This is a step you should never skip – a good primer will blur flaws, make your pores look smaller and stop your complexion getting oily too. Think of it like a canvas for your work of ar– sorry, makeup.

There are plenty of foundations to choose from, each designed to help your foundation perform the best it can. Whether you opt for oil-controlling, radiant, hydrating or smoothing, simply spread a layer over your whole face, and wait for it to be dry.

How to choose foundation for a flawless finish

Looking to achieve the perfect foundation finish? The product you choose plays a big part in getting you there. We recommend selecting a water-based product (the only type of foundation we make here at DCYPHER), as these are the most versatile, working well with the majority of skin types.

Which type of foundation finish is right for me

With so much information on types of foundation finish out there, it can be hard to know which words mean what – not to mention which finish is the right one for you. Here at DCYPHER, we keep it simple, offering three contrasting types of finish for you to choose from. So let’s break them down.

Choose our matte finish for a foundation blended with a mattifier ingredient to prevent dewiness. It’ll give you a shine-free, airbrushed look, absorbing excess oil on the skin and creating an understated overall effect.

DCYPHER’s natural finish creates a foundation somewhere between a matte and radiant look. It’s soft, light and breathable, and should leave you with a skin-like finish – think healthy natural dewiness.

Opt for a radiant finish if you want to up the ante on that natural glow and achieve a truly luminous look. These products contain a radiance optic to give your complexion a bright, reflective quality – perfect for skin in need of some love.

While most foundation brands offer one set finish for an entire range, DCYPHER’s personalisation process allows you to choose your finish every time. It’s all about putting you in complete control when it comes to customising your perfect foundation.

Application tips for the perfect finish

How you apply your foundation has a big impact on the overall look you achieve. Our beauty experts recommend using either a brush for fuller coverage, or a damp sponge for a lighter, airbrushed finish.

As you apply, remember to use gentle buffing or stippling movements rather than painting or rubbing. This will help you avoid streaks and unnatural build-up – giving your foundation the best chance of staying in place for longer.

If you’re not sure which tool to select, why not check out DCYPHER’s Professional Complexion Brush Set? It’s a four-brush collection designed to partner perfectly with our bespoke foundations and drops – and it’s got everything you need to create the flawless look.

Finish the look

When you’re happy with your application, complete the look with a loose powder to set your makeup and absorb any excess oil. Apply yours gently with a brush, powder puff or setting sponge. Our Professional Complexion Brush Set has a brush designed to help you get your powder game spot on.

Setting spray is another great way to make sure your foundation lasts as long as possible. Most contain ingredients to keep your skin nice and hydrated, while preventing any flaking or caking too. Spray your face in an ‘X’ motion, followed by a ‘T’ motion to ensure maximum coverage.

Finding your perfect foundation shade with DCYPHER

DCYPHER is all about taking the hard work (and guesswork) out of your foundation buying journey. Our Skin Tone Analyser uses world-first tech and colour science to measure your complexion, assess your preferences and custom blend the exact shade for you. It’s the perfectly simple way to make sure you get the foundation finish you deserve – every single time.