Create the perfect New Year's Eve look using Custom Cosmetics

Create the perfect New Year's Eve look using Custom Cosmetics

 Beauty influencer, Elise @lumi_lise uses our world-first Custom Concealer with our iconic Custom Foundation to create the perfect New Year's Eve look!

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Watch Elise's tips below:

Video transcript

I'm going to be using my custom foundation from DCYPHER for a New Year's Eve look to go from this to this.

For my New Year's Eve look I want something really easy and quick to do but still effective and still gives me that really dewy beautiful glow!

DCYPHER uses AI technology to create a unique foundation recipe which is mixed to your exact skin tone so you don't need to mix and match different foundations to get your perfect skin tone so it makes my going out routine super easy!

I love how easily it blends into the skin and it does such a great job of hiding any pigmentation that I have as well without having to cake on too much of the product.

Also, I'm going to use the concealer just under my eyes to give a brightening effect and that is my base all done as you can see it still looks like me and it's got this really fresh beautiful dewy glow that I love as a base and it's perfect for New Year's Eve!

And this is my finished look I added a lip, but I kept the lip neutral and then I went a little bit more shimmery and sparkly on the eyes because it's New Year's Eve and this is it!

I'm so happy with how my skin looks I'm honestly blown away by the AI technology that DCYPHER use to create this perfect base for me. It is literally mixed to perfection and I'm just obsessed with how good my skin looks but I still look like me but just better

Also it took me like 10 minutes to do this makeup look because I didn't have to spend time blending and blending and mixing different foundations to get the perfect base and you can create your own custom foundation on