Cleaning up for makeup: the DCYPHER sustainable commitment

Cleaning up for makeup: the DCYPHER sustainable commitment

Sustainability. It’s the buzzword on the lips of almost every brand right now – and rightly so. 

We knew the beauty industry could be more sustainable and should do better in the strive for zero waste. That's one of the reasons why DCYPHER was born. We don't just make steps to be more sustainable, we make giant leaps towards a more sustainable future with our disruptive model for personalisation in the beauty industry. Let’s explore how we’re making that happen.

Made to order magic

First up, all our makeup is made to order every time, allowing us to minimise waste by only making exactly what we need. When you use our Skin Tone Analyser and follow the personalisation process to create your bespoke foundation, our expert machinery blends up your bottle from scratch so we can send it straight to you. No excess, to guesswork, just your makeup and no one else’s.

While other brands have pre-made ranges that sit on shelves waiting to be bought (and often end up getting thrown away if no one buys them), our process means no wasted energy, fewer steps in the manufacturing process and better quality products for you.

Greener packaging

DCYPHER packaging and brush set

Packaging is another key area for consideration when it comes to sustainability, with the UK producing a massive 12,415 tonnes of packaging waste in 2020 alone. Finding a balance here is crucial for us, as packaging is an essential part of how we operate, but we don’t want to contribute to these towering statistics.

For now, we’re making sure all our cardboard boxes are FSC certified, which means the forests they’re produced from are managed to strict environmental, social and economic standards. Our bottles are also 80% recyclable by weight, so finishing your formula doesn’t mean adding to landfill.

Striving to be kinder

DCYPHER Cruelty-Free and Vegan Products

All our products are (and always will be) vegan friendly, cruelty free and made without parabens or fragrances. We’re committed to being kind to your skin and our planet, creating conscious products and doing our bit for the environment wherever we can.

Our sustainable ethos and accreditations are things we’re constantly working on and dedicated to improving. We believe everyone should have the right to personalised, feel-good makeup products that don’t cost the earth – and our journey is only just beginning.