Benefits of applying Custom Foundation with our Foundation Brush

Benefits of applying Custom Foundation with our Foundation Brush

We have partnered with freelance Beauty and Wellness Editor, Madeleine Spencer (@madeleinelovesthis), to explain benefits of using DCYPHER's specially designed Foundation Brush to apply My Custom Foundation.

Part of the 4-piece Complexion Brush Set, the Foundation Brush features high performance synthetic bristle designed to replicate the performance of sable whilst being vegan and cruelty free.

You can watch Madeleine's top tips below:

Video transcript

Hello, I'm freelance Beauty and Wellness Journalist Madeleine Spencer and I'm going to show you how to apply your perfect custom foundation using the DCYPHER Foundation Brush.

So, I'm going to start by using my hand as a sort of canvas. I'm just going to put a pump and a half of the DCYPHER foundation into my hand and then I'm just going to take the brush and really massage the product into the brush. So, I've got the fibres coated.

Now I'm going to start right in the centre of my face, just bringing the foundation mostly where I need it around this area of my face. Most people need foundation in this section. This is where redness occurs and where sort of you get those signs of stress. So, I would say go in with the most foundation where you need it the most and then sweep across so you’re getting an even coverage everywhere.

As I'm sure you already know, DCYPHER uses AI tech to match your foundation through the screen to your skin tone so you get a perfect colour for your skin every time. There's no off the rack here, it’s everything is custom made for you.

So, what you’ll probably notice here is that it's disappearing and that’s precisely what you want. And the brush makes it so easy to just apply this sweep all over. And as you can see, my skin is just looking more and more even.

So, the first layer is very thin. I'm really, really using these synthetic bristles which are by the way so soft. They‘re designed to mimic sable and they're just as softest most beautiful things on my skin, they feel amazing and I'm using the first coat just as a gentle wash to unify my skin and then I’m going to use the brush slightly differently to get a bit more coverage. And that’s the beauty of this brush. It really does a lot of the work for you.

I just want to take a moment here just to show you the blend, so it’s so streak free and that is because the brush just gives you the absolute perfect way of applying this layer of foundation. It's very, very easy. I should also say that the bristles are cruelty free and vegan.

So, I'm taking a little bit more foundation now and now I’m going to use the brush differently. What I'm doing now is I'm going to push product in to get another layer on top. So, in this chin for example, I have a bit more of a problem area at the moment. I’m just going to stipple. And get more product on. So, there we have it.

If you know the foundation, you'll know it’s lightweight and breathable and builds absolutely beautifully, so you never need to worry about getting too much on, especially with this brush, which just makes it very quick and easy to add and add where you need to.

My foundation mix that I’ve gone for is one that is relatively hydrating. I've gone for sort of top end of hydration, but it all contains glycerine, so you’ll get lovely hydration and a lovely soft finish on your skin irrespective of which formula you go for.

I just want to show you a little trick when you have a big-headed brush like this which is really easy to use and you want to go into smaller areas like around your nose, just pinch the tip, and just push it in here. So that you have a little bit more control in those areas and then just release it and go back to using it as you were. And you really can also buff around the edges in little circles just to make sure the foundation is tapering out towards the edges. But because the mix is perfect for your skin, you don't need to worry about edges in the traditional sense. But I just want you to really make sure that everything is buffed out and really smooth and soft everywhere.

I’m taking a little bit on my eyelids too, which makes a really nice base for any eyeshadow, and just doing it like this with a brush because it’s so soft, just gives you that lovely soft-focus finish on your eyelids. Now I’m just going to take a tiny bit under my eyes, just a little bit more why I look really tired. You could also use the new concealer for this, which by the way is absolutely brilliant. And that’s a whole other story. And then just blend in.

You'll notice that this brush really fits into the contours of your face, and that’s because it’s so well cut and so smooth, so you can use it absolutely anywhere and just keep going, really. So, you’re ideally sweeping to put on a thin layer and then stippling to add a little bit more and that will give you the most customisable foundation finish.

So, there we have it, your perfect skin in a bottle applied with the ideal foundation brush to make it really, really easy to get perfect finish. Every time. I hope you enjoyed watching that. Please let me know if there are any questions underneath.