Beauty Jargon Busting - what does it all mean?

Beauty Jargon Busting - what does it all mean?

We all know the beauty industry is bursting at the seams with technical jargon and scientific buzzwords that, to most of us, can seem shrouded in mystery.

With long lists of hard-to-pronounce names on the back of bottles – plus plenty of conflicting information about what does what and why you should or shouldn’t choose it – selecting the right product can get a little complicated. Luckily for you, we’re here to make it simple by breaking down the beauty jargon so you don’t have to.


This applies to the percentage of pigment that is in the overall formula of your foundation which will affect how much you want your foundation to cover. Basically, how much of your natural skin e.g. freckles etc, do you want to show through your foundation. The lighter the coverage, the more your natural skin features will show through, and vice versa. Our four coverage options mean you can choose the one that’s perfect for you.


The texture of how your foundation appears on the skin when it dries down. Our foundation can be made in Radiant, Natural or Matte finish, so you can personalise it to achieve your preferred result. Radiant reflects a bit of the light to give you a healthy glow whereas matte absorbs the light giving a flatter airbrushed effect. Our natural finish sits somewhere in the middle.

Foundation finishes


This is the colour from underneath your skin or how yellow or red your skin tone is, that affects the overall tone or hue of your skin. Everyone sits somewhere on a continuum from very warm (yellow) to very cool (red) with neutral being in the middle of the two. Our world-first skin tone analysis technology takes the guesswork out of figuring out your undertone by taking a comprehensive reading of your skin tone.



If a product is non-comedogenic (which all of ours are) it means the product doesn’t contain any ingredients that will block or clog your pores.


Humectants are a common moisturising agent found in beauty products. They help to pull water from the deeper layers of your skin right up to the surface to give added hydration to those top layers of skin. They effectively lock in water.


Glycerin is a clear, odourless liquid that comes from plants. Imagine glycerin as a magnet for moisture. It is an effective humectant that helps to increase hydration on the top layer of your skin.


Silicone is an ingredient commonly used in beauty products to give a silky, spreadable texture. We use it in our foundation as it enables your foundation to glide smoothly onto your skin giving a soft smooth finish while keeping it breathable.
Foundation bottle

Cruelty Free

In beauty, the term ‘cruelty free’ means that the brand does not test their products on animals. At DCYPHER, all of our products are cruelty free and we don’t sell our products in any countries that require animal testing.


If a brand says their products are ‘vegan’ this means the products don’t contain any ingredients that are derived from animals, such as beeswax from bees or sericin from silkworms. All DCYPHER products are vegan.