Applying My Custom Concealer with DCYPHER's Concealer Brush

Applying My Custom Concealer with DCYPHER's Concealer Brush

 Freelance Beauty and Wellness Editor, Madeleine Spencer (@madeleinelovesthis) is here with her best tips to apply My Custom Concealer with DCYPHER's Concealer Brush.

The Concealer Brush is part of our 4-piece Complexion Brush Set, where all four brushes contain high performance synthetic bristles designed to replicate the performance of sable. 

 Watch Madeleine's tips below: 

Video transcript

Hello, I'm beauty journalist Madeline Spencer and I'm going to show you the newest addition to the revolutionary DCYPHER range, their custom concealer.

So just as with the foundation, with the concealer the AI tech measures your skin tone through the screen and creates your own unique recipe, so there are no two concealers the same and everyone gets what's exactly right for their skin.

You can opt for the one that's the best colour for your whole skin tone or you can also add an under-eye option which is ever so slightly lighter to brighten that area. So, I'm going to show you both in action.

So, I'm starting with my custom concealer in the colour that's for my skin and I'm just going to dot this around the areas that need help. As you can see, I've got a few blemishes on my chin at the moment right and then I just take a little bit here just a tiny bit.

I'd like to mention by the way that this dough foot applicator is handy it's a very good shape, so you can really get into small areas, or you can use it flat and apply more so it just makes it very, very easy for you.

You don't need the brush, but the brush is your best friend here because: all you do with it is just massage it sort of in to your skin in little strokes so you’re being very gentle and just moving the product around where you’ve put it and as you can see it's just disappearing onto my skin, which is exactly what you want.

Now when my spots are really clustered here, I'm rather than stroking as much I'm pressing a bit more just to try to keep as much concealer in that area as possible!

The amazing thing about having a concealer that's the right colour for your skin is that you can just use it wherever you want it to go, you don't have to use any base product underneath, you can really just buff it out a bit more where you want a little bit less, and really go in where you need a bit more, and it gives you really lovely natural finish!

What I love about this is that my skin now looks so natural, you can see the pink coming through my cheeks, you know you can see my freckles. It's not absolutely everywhere, it doesn't feel like I've got a blanket on so, I can really just choose exactly where I want it to go because of the custom colour, because of the tech! That’s what makes this so extraordinary.

So now I'm going to go in with a little bit more, just where I need it most. So just here a little bit here, little bit here and I'm just going to pop a little bit here where I've got this little sun mark. Now with the brush I'm pressing not sliding okay so, I'm just keeping it on it's very creamy.

The formula contains hyaluronic acid so, your skin will look nice and hydrated it also contains glycerine and it's vegan and cruelty free and fragrance free so, your skin will love it basically, it's got everything that you need in it and leaves out all the things that you don't want in it.

So just pressing right around here. So, this area is a real problem. I mean I just want to make sure it's really well covered.

When you are covering spots so, the thing I mentioned about some areas looking covered and some not is really crucial because as you'll see here where you can see my freckles and the natural colour of my skin coming through that means that it all looks quite natural and lovely.

So, I think that you want to just keep some areas concealed and some not if you're going for this sort of hyper natural look.

Now I'm going to take the under-eye concealer, this is slightly brighter but still measured for my skin tone and I'm putting a fair amount on because I look really tired, but you may need a lot less than this I'm just going to really go for it just to make sure I just look a little bit more awake. There we go. I mean look at the difference that's made it's just extraordinary and it's so seamless.

I think it's such a triumph to have an under-eye concealer that's the right colour and doesn't make you look too bright but equally lifts that area so it's just incredible and this brush is so soft by the way it's made to mimic sable so it's really beautifully soft and it is of course vegan and cruelty free as well. There we go.

So as you can see my skin now looks completely perfected and actually I’ve just used concealer where it needs to be and it's just such an effective product it really is your perfect concealer, custom made for you and you can just get one that's for your skin tone or get both and one that's a little bit lighter for under your eyes.

Thank you for watching that I hope it's helped you to understand a little bit more about the custom concealer it is such a brilliant product and one that I have used an awful lot since it launched.