Customer Case Study: The match is amazing – it is literally made for you

I’m not that active on social media but I felt compelled to put my views out there about Dcypher.  The analysis tool was really easy to use.  You literally follow the guidance of where to take a picture and press the button.  I am amazed that the taking a picture using this analysis tool are able to produce a foundation that perfectly matches my skin tone.  The results produce your very own Dcypher foundation.  The match is amazing – it is literally made for you.  The foundation is really light and glides over your skin like moisturizer.  No smell either to compete with perfume or moisturizer.  I use it around my eyes to cover dark circles and it blends in with my forehead and around my chin line which gives me the minimalist approach to make-up that I prefer.  It lasts all day without smudging or rubbing off and doesn’t crease into wrinkles as the day progresses.  It’s honestly the best match foundation I have ever worn.
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