Customer Case Study: Perfect match- better than any face to face consultation

I used the online shade analyser to get the correct shade. It was so easy to use as it gives you instructions for lighting and positioning to see your skin clearly. There is a circle for you to match over your face and it indicates when you’ve done this. Then you stay still as it scans your skin. You are told information about your undertone and skin colour as it produces a unique colour ID. You can also customise the finish, moisturisation level and coverage. I chose a matte finish, high moisturisation, and high coverage. This colour match is so sensitive and makes perfect sense to be able to customise before/ after a holiday.

My skin is usually really difficult to cover evenly. I have different tones on my face and quite severe combination/ oily skin. I will get very dry areas but also very oily areas where makeup usually clings or separates. This didn’t happen with this foundation. I was so impressed that it looked like my skin. I never had to worry about blending it down my neck or checking it throughout the day. The oxidation is minimal and the shade was actually a PERFECT match- better than any face to face consultation I’ve ever had.

I prefer to apply this makeup with a damp sponge with primer and setting products as usual. It glides on nicely and I would definitely say it's buildable- I can wear anywhere from 2 to 4+ pumps of foundation depending on the event I’m going to. As mine was highly moisturising, it did take a long time to dry and setting spray/ powder was needed. For more oily skin, I would recommend a lower moisturisation level. I was also so impressed with the lack of interference the foundation had on my skin. I didn’t have a breakout when I changed to this foundation or even if I left it on overnight! I am so happy with my skin at the moment, I will continue to use DCYPHER foundation and I can't wait for future products!

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