Customer Case Study: My skin looks even and clear and the matte finish looks great!

I have the most annoying skin colour – super pale yet at the same time red and uneven. Past attempts at colour matching foundation haven’t worked out. I always pick shades which have the wrong undertone, or look fine on my hand but are three shades wrong when I put them on my face. My one attempt at a high end foundation, where I was colour matched by an expert, led to me being even paler than my natural colour. No wonder she tried to upsell me some bronzer! So I will admit to being sceptical about DCYPHER’s claim to perfectly match my weird skin and in a finish and coverage of my choice. But they did it!

When my new DCYPHER arrived in the post, I was aghast at how pale it was in the bottle. But it is actually the perfect match! I have been getting it wrong all these years! It makes my skin look even and clear and my preferred matte finish looks great on

It’s a lovely thick product, a little goes a long way – I can do my whole face in one pump, but can also build it up if needed. I prefer to apply with a sponge, but it looks good when done with a brush too. Also worth noting that it feels good on my combination skin and stayed on well for 6-8 hours, but if I was wearing it for work, I would reapply before going out.

Finally, my colour is sorted and for the first time ever I feel like I don’t have that ‘tell tale tide mark’. Thank you DCYPHER!

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