How to prevent your concealer from creasing under the eyes

How to prevent your concealer from creasing under the eyes

Celebrity pro make-up artist, Kate Hughes (@katehughesmakeup), teaches us her tips on how to prevent concealer from creasing under the eyes.

Using our world-first, Mixed to Measure technology Kate created her Custom Foundation and Custom Concealer to fit her unique skin tone.

She opted for a medium-coverage foundation with a radiant finish, and the brightening concealer option, perfect for a glowing base! 

You can watch Kate's top tips below:

Video transcript:

How to prevent your concealer from creasing under the eyes with DCYPHER’s Custom Foundation and Concealer. The world's first mix to measure cosmetic.

DCYPHER’s AI skin tone scanner captures your unique skin tone for a perfect match every time and with DCYPHER Foundation you can also select your preferred coverage and finish making it a truly personalized Foundation recipe.

It's also light weight and breathable making it a totally comfortable Foundation to wear.

The pigment in DCYPHER’s Foundation evens out the skin tone with a really lovely natural finish and all DCYPHER’s products are vegan, cruelty free, also non-comedogenic and fragrance-free.

So always start by hydrating the eye area with eye serum and then with your DCYPHER custom blend lightweight concealer apply your concealer just where you need it.

Blending it gently with a clean brush slowly and carefully building it up in very fine layers making sure to blend it well and then blend some more making sure you don't get too close to the lashes.

Another way to avoid creasing is to set with a little translucent powder.

Also DCYPHER Custom Foundation contains glycerin for maximum hydration without excess oil and when used with DCYPHER’s concealer this really helps with any kind of creasing underneath the eyes.

So you've really got to try this revolutionary technology for flawless personal results every single time.