Correcting common makeup mistakes

Correcting common makeup mistakes

Celebrity pro make-up artist, Kate Hughes (@katehughesmakeup), shares her top application tips on how to correct common makeup mistakes by using her Custom Foundation and Custom Concealer.

Using our world-first, Mixed to Measure technology Kate created her My Custom Foundation and My Custom Concealer to fit her unique skin tone.

Opting for a medium-coverage foundation with a radiant finish, and the brightening concealer option, perfect for a glowing base!

Check out Kate's video below:

Video Transcript

Common makeup mistakes and how to correct them. Using DCYPHER’s custom blend foundation and concealer.

DCYPHER uses AI technology to create a unique foundation recipe custom mixed to fit your exact skin tone.

It's your perfect skin in a bottle.

The common struggles people face with foundation...

Number one. Always how do I match my skin tone?

So are you always getting your foundation shade wrong?

Do you find it really hard to find that perfect shade?

Well with DCYPHER’s AI skin tone scanner, you can be sure of the perfect skin tone match every single time.

And I love the customisable options for coverage and finish.

Also, do you find your foundation can be a little bit cakey and a little bit uneven? Well, this might help.

DCYPHER’s foundation contains hyaluronic acid and glycerin to keep your skin looking and feeling smooth and hydrated.

Do you have problems blending your foundation for a really smooth coverage?

Then DCYPHER’s tools will help to get that really smooth blend.

And how about your concealer? Do you have trouble matching the shade of that too?

DCYPHER uses AI driven technology for precise shade matching every single time.

You can also prevent creasing underneath the eyes which DCYPHER’s concealer, and DCYPHER’s tools.

Let me show you how.

Start by applying DCYPHER’s concealer where you need it around the eyes and then buff the concealer in with your DCYPHER small brush.

Layering the concealer and buffing in-between coats.

You can really prevent creasing from happening.

Remembering to blend well between each and every coat.

And if you're after that ideal lifted under eye concealer, place your brightening DCYPHER concealer just on the corner of the eye and blend up with your DCYPHER brush.

And of course, with the inclusion of hyaluronic acid for a hydrated and natural look.

To create your own customisable foundation and concealer with a perfect match every time, visit