3 ways to use My Custom Drops

3 ways to use My Custom Drops

Beauty influencer, Elise @Lumi-Lise shows you three ways to use My Custom Drops. Elise used our world-first, Mixed to Measure technology to create Custom Drops that fit her unique skin tone.

You can watch Elise's video below:

Video transcript

These drops offer a customisable solution to create and achieve a beautiful all over skin tint.

This is perfect for those of you that don't want to wear Foundation but still want some coverage, and these are the three ways that I use these drops

DCYPHER uses AI technology to create a unique recipe custom mix to fit your exact skin tone.

It's your perfect skin in a bottle

I love a really easy makeup routine that doesn't take up too much time offers some coverage but I also love my skin to be able to breathe throughout the day and the DCYPHER custom coverage drops is one of my go-to products for a flawless, really beautiful glowy, dewy skin

So the first way is by mixing it with some moisturiser. So what I do is I take a dollop of moisturiser mix in a couple of drops of My Custom Coverage [Drops] from DCYPHER

So I'll start by doing one drop and then I mix it together with my brush, and then apply it straight on the skin.

You can see how quickly my skin has gone from slightly dull to already looking a lot more dewy and just brighter and that was just one drop and the best thing is that you can build this up as well.

So I'm going to just do one more drop. I think two drops are like my perfect kind of sweet spot.

And this is what I like to do for those no makeup days where you want something on your skin just to give a bit of coverage and also just to give a bit more of a dewy glow but you don't want to kind of like commit to wearing foundation.

And that has blended in so flawlessly into my skin. I'm so happy with how my skin looks. This is the kind of vibe that I like to go for. I still feel quite fresh faced but confident at the same time.

If you want to take it up a notch I would recommend mixing these two together.

So the My Custom Foundation with the Custom Coverage Drops. These two together are an absolute dream.

So I kind of do this again if I want something a little bit more elevated but again don't want to be wearing too much makeup.

So I'll just do one small pump of the foundation, one more drop. I'm going to build that onto my skin which is so good, I love how buildable this is and I love that the two products together work seamlessly.

So this has instantly elevated my look but I still look like me, I still feel like me, I just feel a bit more confident and this is definitely something I would do if I was going out meeting my friends, going for lunch, maybe even going for an event in the evening.

And finally the last way that I love to use this is by giving myself some targeted extra coverage.

Because I know the AI tool has created this specifically for my skin tone I'm not worried about how the two products blend. They blend seamlessly.

I’ve got some extra pigmentation, like here, I'm going to tap that in and blend it into my skin. See how flawless that looks.

I'm going to do another spot here where again I can see some pigmentation.

I've got complete trust in the AI technology that is used to create all of the DCYPHER products and I am once again so impressed by how well these products work on my skin.

As you can see I've spot targeted certain areas where I had some pigmentation. You can't even notice it, what I do know though is that again, I feel so much more confident knowing that those pigmentation marks and the scarring that I had, has disappeared.

I love how easy and simple it is to use this but how good it makes me feel.