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Just like you, we’ve grown tired of the pitfalls of the traditional foundation market. The shelves may be lined with thousands of bottles spanning 40-strong shade ranges, but the best solution on offer? A shade match that simply comes close.

At DCYPHER, we believe that ‘close’ isn’t close enough.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to take product personalisation to the highest level with custom-blend foundations that perfectly match the beauty of your skin. Without compromise.

Our world-first technology enables you to build a totally bespoke foundation formula that matches your shade, but has the coverage, moisture level, texture and finish just the way you like it.

There’s nothing off-the-shelf about DCYPHER; we start each formula from scratch meaning every foundation that leaves our lab is completely unique and personalised to you: no templates, no shortcuts, no compromises. Designed by you, made by us, we like to think of it as beauty without restriction.

Better still, we’re so confident you’re going to love DCYPHER that we’ll give you your money back if you’re unhappy with your shade match.

Are you ready to stop living in someone else’s shade?

Meet The founders

DR Claire

Claire is our customer champion, always looking to find ways to improve the foundation industry. Claire has a PhD in cognitive neuroscience and believes that every person should feel great about the way they look.

Drop Claire a line, she's always interested in new ideas or ways we can collaborate.


Adam is responsible for the technology parts of DCYPHER. Everything from formulating new products to developing the machines which make our custom foundations.

Your most likely to find Adam in our development lab surrounded by electronic parts.


Our patent pending blending machines are how we're able to make every item of makeup to order, to fit your exact beauty code.

It runs on technology that's unique to DCYPHER, making each product one-at-a-time with drop by drop accuracy.
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