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Foundation custom-made to your unique skin tone by world-first technology

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How to choose a foundation?

At DCYPHER we don't match you to an existing shade, we use world-first technology to find your exact skin tone and then produce a totally personalised foundation freshly made, just for you.

There’s nothing off-the-shelf about this; we start each formula from scratch.

Buy your own 30ml bottle for £28 plus shipping today!


How do you get my exact skin tone? Show
Using our world-first technology, we take 3 photos of you to identify your unique skin tone ready to be made into your foundation.

For best results, we just ask you take off your glasses (no nasty glares, please), step into natural daylight; remove any makeup first (this is really important); and don't stand in any shadows while we're scanning your skin's measurements.

Then we ask three questions relating to your skin type and preferences of coverage and finish.

Now for the magic. Our world-leading machines then mix your formula, drop by drop, to ensure total accuracy.
How do I ask for alterations if the skin tone isn't quite right? Show
It's really easy. We'll send you an email when we post the sample with directions on what to do. You'll hit a button in that email to take you to our alterations web page, where you can enter your thoughts on the colour ('needs to be a touch lighter' etc), and our amazing customer service team will email you asap, letting you know what they're doing. You can even change the coverage level or finish if you decide it's too sheer or thick - or if you'd like it more glowy or matte
Can I get a refund if you can't recreate my exact foundation skin tone? Show
Yes, although we're confident we can help you find your exact shade match! But if you're not happy, we'll give you your money back.

Discover your exact skin tone

You never need to worry how to find foundation in your exact skin tone again, DCYPHER's world-first technology does it for you!

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