Beauty Shouldn't Cost The Earth

Beauty Shouldn't Cost The Earth

How many times have you bought a new beauty product, got it home and then discovered it’s not at all like you thought? Foundation especially is the most difficult of make-up products to get right; how it looks under harsh store lighting isn’t necessarily how it looks at home when you try it on in the reflection of your bathroom mirror.

And whether you buy a high end or budget product one aspect remains the same; in most cases the foundation you buy will have been formulated in some distant laboratory using who knows how many chemicals and will then have been transported hundreds of miles to sit on a store shelf. The carbon footprint alone is enough to make you weep! We believe that cosmetics shouldn’t destroy the environment – and that foundation, as well as many other makeup products, can be done better.

There is Another Way

What if you could buy a different kind of foundation, one which is bespoke – unique to you – and is made in a way that is kinder to the environment? Our brand offers made to order foundation which is delivered to your door. So, what are the advantages to this? 

Our products travel much fewer miles and therefore reduce your carbon footprint for a start. You order and we send only what you need, which does away with the need to dispose of tons of out of date products as the big stores have to. The foundation you buy in a store will have a finite expiry date on the packaging but there is no way of knowing exactly how long it’s been since it left the factory or how long it’s been sitting on a shelf degrading in the heat. There are no such issues with our foundation, which is made to order and despatched to you straightaway.

Personal to You

Many of us have made the mistake of bringing home a new foundation only to find it actually looks pretty awful on the skin. We may have thought we were doing the right thing by buying a product designed for our ‘skin type’. Everyone knows that skin types include dry, oily, combination and so on, but this is not the whole issue.

When it comes to matching a foundation to your skin it can be difficult to ascertain your actual skin tone – whether cool or warm, pale or darker – and more importantly, if you have any underlying skin disorder such as rosacea or eczema for instance, or your skin tone is patchy, this can completely change how your foundation looks.

The core principle at the heart of what we do is personalisation. There are millions of combinations of shade, finish and coverage but with our expert knowledge and innovative technology we can help you make exactly the right foundation choice, just for you.

Kinder to the Planet

Our foundations come in recyclable glass containers and with reusable pumps. On top of this all our products are delivered to your door in reusable or recyclable packaging all of which is designed to benefit the environment by reducing the amount which is thrown away and sent to landfill. 

We are proud to say that our beauty products will never cost the earth, both financially and environmentally, and they will be unique to you – so why not make the most sustainable choice for your face, and for the planet, and give our bespoke foundation a try.